Funk rock outfit SessionX formed in the early months of 2004. They were based in Leeds and Bradford in the UK but had origins from as far afield as India and Russia. After various line up changes they emerged as a tight setup and recorded their first EP, Energise.

Band members were:

Les Banks - vocals

Jas Nakhwal - bass

Andrei Nosov - guitar

Billy Lockwood - drums

Johnny Eyres joined the band in mid 2004 replacing Billy Lockwood on drums

During their existence they performed at venues in and around Leeds in the UK. These included:


Dr Wu's

Royal Park

Becketts Campus

Bar Pacific

The Primrose

After disbanding in 2005, they each went their separate ways. Jas now plays bass with Leeds based alternative rock band Dr. Crow & The Forbidden Zone. Billy opened his own drum shop and studio. Les continues his quest to become a professional songwriter and Andrei was last seen performing on the streets of Berlin...

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